i met her again! Aw, can i tell you all how amazing it was? How amazing it is to know her, how thankful i am, how lucky i am?!
This time again i felt comfortable. It’s crazy, i can be myself with someone i rarely meet?! It doesn’t feel like that, it feels like i see her every day, like she is living around the corner. Unfortunately, she isn’t.
To me, she’s like a sister. Since my brother still is a boy, i don’t know how it feels to have a sister. But she’s a part of me, a part of my life. And i love her with whole my heart.
I think everybody here should start talking to someone on tumblr. Everyone, don’t hesitate! Send a message to someone and a beautiful friendship will be born. Don’t believe the bad shit about internetfriends, just be careful and it will be worth it.
Now it will take 4 months before we meet again. That’s a long time… can’t wait till summer, it’s going to be amazing!